About Folk Music

World music is also known as Folk music or Roots music.

The term "World Music" refers to traditional music (also called "folk music" or "roots music"). It generally refers to music of any culture that is indigenous in nature; played by indigenous musicians; or played by those that have been closely informed by indigenous musicians. June 21st is "World Music Day". Its origins were first established in France at the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) to recognize the sale of this type of music.

Folk music is music from a persons' ancestors. Ancestors are family members or people from the same origin who lived many, many years ago. Folk music is a series of musical patterns or rhythms that our ancestors used to play. Folk music is normally taught from one generation to the next. It is, in that sense, inherited music. However, in todays' world, there are many music schools; some that may teach this kind of music. And, there are also people who can teach themselves Folk music. We call these people "self-taught" musicians.

Published on by Marcos Leon.