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What TINKU Is and What TINKU Is Not

Oftentimes, the work of TINKU is categorized by others as "Peruvian music" or referred to as a "Peruvian band". While TINKU does perform some beautiful Peruvian melodies and uses several South American & Latin instruments, TINKU is not a Peruvian band...Peruvian bands are composed of Peruvian musicians who perfom Peruvian music. Instead, TINKU is a "Latin American Folk" band; a musical category which is a branch within the World music genre. In turn, within the Latin American musical genre fall various rhythyms; including some from the county of Peru. 

Oftentimes also, the various instruments used by TINKU are referred to as "Peruvian"; especially when referring to the various flutes. Likewise, while some of these may be from the country of Peru; there are others that are from other parts of South America so we refer to them as South American instruments (commomly referred to as "Panpipes" or "Panflutes"). While TINKU also uses common instruments like the electric bass, hi-hats, chimes etc., these are kept to a minimum. TINKU's focus remains in the use of instruments of Latin origin like the Guitars (of Spanish origin);  the Charango from Bolivia; the Cuatro from Venezuela; the Requinto from Mexico. This is true of the Percussions like the Bombo (South American drum), the Peruvian Cajon, the Congas, the Rainstick...

Latin American Folk music has three main influences: Native American (flutes); European primarily of Spanish origin through the use of guitars & African (in the use of percussions). TINKU covers rhythms from at least 12 Latin countries thus performing at least 19 musical rhythms. While this is the core of TINKU's repertoire, TINKU performs Andean, Latin, Folk & World rhythms.


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