CD1 "Music of the Andes"

Music of the Andes (aka: CD1) is a collection of instrumental and vocal songs from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela. It features the song "Alma Llanera". This recording features both soothing and festive rhythms. Arranged & Produced by Francisco Astudillo. 


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# Song Title English Title Translation Country Rhythms Lyrics Play
1 El Canto Del Cucili Cucili Bird Song Chile Chacarera, Huayno   mp3
2 Por Un Mundo Nuevo For A New World Bolivia Huayno pdf mp3
3 Llactaimanta   Ecuador San Juanito   mp3
4 Sariri The Wanderer Bolivia Tinku pdf mp3
5 Huajra   Chile Huayno   mp3
6 Ojos Azules Blue Eyes Perú Huayno, Yaravi pdf mp3
7 Amazonas Amazon Bolivia Trote   mp3
8 Corazón Adolorido Aching Heart Perú Huayno pdf mp3
9 Basija de Barro   Ecuador     mp3
10 Cacharpari   Argentina Huayno, Yaravi   mp3
11 Si Tu Regresas If You Return Bolivia Saya   mp3
12 Baila Negra Dance, Dance Colombia Cumbia   mp3
13 Alma Llanera Soul of the Plains Venezula Joropo pdf mp3