CD2 "Instrumental Andean Music"

Instrumental Andean Music (aka: CD2) is an all instrumental CD with a great collection of Andean songs from the South American countries of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador. This album features the world-known melody "El Condor Pasa" which has been adopted by Peru as of the year 2000 as their second National Anthem.


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# Song Title English Title Translation Country Rhythms Play
1 Mi Raza My People Perú Chuntunky mp3
2 Valle de la Luna Valley of the Moon Bolivia Taquirari mp3
3 Alturas Highlands Chile Huayno mp3
4 Sueños Dreams Bolivia Taquirari mp3
5 Alpamanta   Ecuador San Juanito mp3
6 Inscawaya   Bolivia Chacarera mp3
7 El Condor Pasa The Condor Flying By Perú Huayno mp3
8 Susurro Whisper Chile Chuntunky mp3
9 Vientos del Sur Southern Winds Bolivia Trote mp3
10 Pueblo en Lucha Land of Struggle Chile Chuntunky mp3
11 Llaquirunas Sad Man Bolivia Yaravi mp3
12 Chaburazas   Perú Huayno mp3
13 Baila Caporal Dance Corporal Chile Saya mp3