CD4 "Besame Mucho"

Besame Mucho (aka: CD4) is full of harmonious vocals featuring romantic Boleros (Mexico); rhythmic Cumbias from Mexico & Colombia; as well as vibrant melodies. TINKU'S CD 4 features the songs Besame Mucho, Sabor A Mi, Cumbia del Rey. 


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# Song Title English Title Translation Country Rhythms Lyrics Play
1 Condor Malku Bolivia Huayno pdf mp3
2 Quien Será &
Quizas Quizas Quizas
Who Would Be/Perhaps Perhaps Mexico/Cuba Taquirari pdf mp3
3 Caballo Viejo Old Horse Venezuela Cumbia pdf mp3
4 Sabor a Mi A Taste of Me Mexico Bolero pdf mp3
5 La Bikina Mexico Trote pdf
6 Solo Por Tu Amor Only for Your Love Bolivia Cumbia mp3
7 Moliendo Café Grinding Coffee Venezuela Rumba pdf mp3
8 Candombe Para José Uruguay Candombe pdf mp3
9 Cumbia del Rey Cumbia of the King Colombia Cumbia mp3
10 Besame Mucho Kiss Me Plenty Mexico Bolero pdf mp3
11 Wancara The Drum Venezuela Rumba mp3
12 Tamia Rain Ecuador mp3
13 Tinkumbia Mix Cumbia Mix Colombia, Mexico Cumbia mp3