CD6 "Cielito Lindo"

Cielito Lindo (aka: CD6) An instrumental CD which combines an ecclectic collection of songs featuring all time favorites like Cielito Lindo, La Paloma and covers like Yesterday, Dust In The Wind, Chiquitita and others; all of which are highlighted with the beautiful sounds of the panpipes. 


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# Song Title English Title Translation Country Play
1 La Paloma La Paloma (The Dove)
Cuba mp3
2 Cereso Rosa Cherry Pink México mp3
3 La Feria de las Flores y Cielito Lindo A Flower Fair & Cielito Lindo
México mp3
4 Historia de un Amor A Love Story México mp3
5 Nunca en Domingo Never On Sunday Greece mp3
6 Cuando Calienta el Sol When the Sun Heats Up
México mp3
7 Brasil (Aquarela do Brasil)
Brazil (Watercolors of Brazil)
Brazil mp3
8 Linda Cambita Beautiful Lady Bolivia mp3
9 Chiquitita Chiquitita Sweden mp3
10 Mi Corazón Continuara My Heart Will Go On USA mp3
11 Sonidos del Silencio Sounds of Silence USA mp3
12 Ayer Yesterday USA mp3
13 Polvo en el Viento Dust in the Wind USA mp3