Josué's Biography


Josué began formal music education at the age of 7 under the direction of Mrs. Ricki Pederson. Josué’s primary instrument is the Violin which he studied for a total of 4 years while attending Kellogg Visual & Performing Arts School. During the last year at this school, Josué played both the Violin and the Electric Bass.

As a 7th grader, Josué joined the school’s Mariachi ensemble where he learned to play the Violin to another musical genre; the music of his ancestors. For one year, Josué was one of the lead Violinists in the ensemble. Concurrently, Josué began performing with the band TINKU as a percussionist; skills that he also learned under the direction of Mrs. Pederson, and that he strengthened under the direction of Francisco Astudillo.

While an 8th grade student, Josué rejoined his school’s Mariachi ensemble but felt compelled to take his music abilities to another level. This time he played the Guitarron (acoustic base). Josué has also played the Upright Base, Trumpet, Guitar & Cello.

In addition, Josué has taken Guitar lessons imparted by Francisco Astudillo and resumed his love of the Violin in the San Diego Youth Symphony of which he is now an alumni. Today with the band TINKU, Josue performs the Electric Bass, Percussions and Acoustic Guitar.